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Gunnery and Millbrook to Start Eight-Player Football In New England

The Gunnery and Millbrook School (Millbrook, NY) are proud to announce the start of eight-player football among New England preparatory schools.
In early October, The Gunnery and Millbrook School announced plans to start an eight-player football initiative among New England preparatory schools. The goal of the initiative is to provide a viable, long-term alternative to the game in its traditional form. Since the initial announcement, Pomfret School and Forman School have agreed to participate and play will begin in 2016.

Eight-player football is full-pad, full-tackle football and is popular among West Coast independent schools, and in small towns--towns with small high school populations--around the country, including in Texas, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Eight-player football preserves all the football-specific experiences of the eleven-player version, but requires a smaller roster and is played on a slightly smaller field. High school participants in eight-player teams have gone on to compete in college and even professional football.
This initiative is a response to declining interest in football in the pre-collegiate years and the trend toward sport specialization, both of which make fielding competitive teams difficult for many independent schools. Eight-player football is a creative solution that allows schools to maintain football and the many traditions surrounding it.
The Gunnery’s Head of School, Peter Becker said, “Eight-player football returns the sport to the roots of sport in prep schools. Students of all ranges of experience and size can contribute meaningfully as the more wide-open format depends on athleticism, fitness, and finesse. Participating on an eight-player football team can develop in students the same character traits and life lessons of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship that are possible through eleven-player football--all the reasons our schools instituted sports as integral parts of the curriculum in the first place. As evidenced by its success among relatively small, co-ed independent boarding and day schools in California, Thacher and Cate among them, eight-player football can create on campus the same school spirit and community enthusiasm as the sport’s eleven-player form.”

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