Academic Support

Center for Academic Support

At The Gunnery, we value each of our students for who they will become, without knowing the answer ahead of time. We understand ourselves to be partners at the pivotal developmental stage where each of our students is coming to understand his or her own strengths, weaknesses, and particularities in the learning process. This means that we see the metacognitive work of learning how to learn as important for every child’s education. 

The mission of the Center for Academic Support is to help students become efficient, effective, independent learners, and to help teachers understand and reach the widest range of learning styles. Throughout the academic day, our students have access to an experienced staff of learning specialists, who have the strategies to help students gain the most from their time in the classroom.

Through this supplemental program, our students learn study skills, strategies and techniques that enable them to figure out what works best from them. They become articulate self-advocates and stronger scholars.