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A visit to The Gunnery will allow you to see what makes our school one of a kind. Perusing our viewbook and engaging our website will introduce you to our programs, people and culture, yet in the end, nothing is more informative than the firsthand experience of visiting our campus. Come enjoy the unique beauty of our 220-acre campus, interact with our warm and inviting student body and engage with the teachers and coaches that will be meaningful contributors to your Gunnery experience. We are a welcoming community that cannot wait to meet you.

There are two easy ways to schedule your visit:
  1. Call 860-868-7334

  2. Email

What to Expect

Arrival: The Gunnery GPS address is 22 Kirby Road in Washington, CT. Our Admissions Office is located in Bourne Hall. Visitors will find parking conveniently located just steps away from our entrance. Upon entering Bourne, please proceed to our reception area where you will be warmly greeted by Jamie Albro, our Admissions receptionist. 

Tour: A student-led tour will allow you to explore the wonders of our campus. Take advantage of this 45-60 minute tour to ask our students any questions on your mind. Tour stops will include science labs, classrooms, dormitories, our health and wellness center, dining hall and our newly opened Arts and Community Center.

Meet our Guides: More than 100 students serve as tour guides on our campus. Students can join the Tour Guide Program as early as their freshman year, making for a tremendous leadership opportunity showcasing our school to prospective families. Our Head Tour Guides lead the program.

Learn more about our head Tour Guides

Student Interview: You will interview with one of our six admissions professionals. The interview typically lasts 15-20 minutes and is intended as a casual conversation, allowing us to get to know you a bit better and for you to get a sense of our community. Come ready with some questions, but don’t be nervous about our questions. We simply want to have a fun conversation with you.

Parent Interview: The same admissions officer interviewing your child will sit with parents for about 10-15 minutes following each student conversation. Boarding school is very much a partnership between parents and adults on campus, making this a great moment to make a first acquaintance. Plan to use this time as an opportunity to tell us about your child and to ask us any questions you have about our school.

Meet our Faculty: Teachers, coaches and directors will be an essential part of your boarding school experience. Our faculty is friendly, so don’t be surprised if they say hello to you on your visit and even stop you to have a quick conversation. Ask them a question so you can learn more about our community.

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