Tuition & Financial Aid

The goal of the Financial Aid Program is to allow access to those who may not be able to afford The Gunnery. We understand and appreciate the financial commitment families undertake in deciding to send their children to The Gunnery. We also expect that each family will make the funding of their child’s education a priority. This year, we awarded more than $5 million of financial aid with an average award of approximately $30,000.

The Gunnery’s policy is to make admissions decisions separate from financial aid decisions. At times, The Gunnery is not able to aid all qualified applicants, and, unfortunately, some may be placed on a waitlist. The majority of financial aid at The Gunnery is need based; need is determined by School and Student Services (SSS) and by The Gunnery’s Financial Aid Committee. While we do have a generous financial aid budget, we cannot guarantee funding to everyone who qualifies.

2019-20 Tuition
Boarding - $64,273
Day - $45,747
In addition to tuition, there are fees for technology, health services, tuition refund insurance, and a dorm deposit, among other things. Students must also cover the cost of books and clothes appropriate to our dress code. Discounted book costs are often available and based on the amount of need-based financial aid received by the student. For more specific fee information, please contact the Business Office at (860) 350-0191 and ask for a fee schedule.   

How to Apply

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  • Step 1 - Submit your PFS by December 15 (returning students) or February 1 (new students)

    -On or after October 2, submit your Parent Financial Statement (PFS)
         online at The Gunnery's
         school code is 3628.
    -Please download the Family Guide to Financial Aid, Applying for
         Financial Aid Worksheet and PFS Workbook and Instruction Booklet
         under Useful Documents for more information.
    -Call SSS Customer Service at 800-344-8328 with questions about
         submitting your PFS.
  • Step 2 - Upload required documents by December 15 (returning students) or February 1 (new students)

    Please upload all required documents to your SSS account. If you are not able to upload, you may mail required documents to SSS and refer to the PFS Instructions for SSS mailing addresses. Please do not send required documents to The Gunnery.

    -2019 W2’s or end-of-year pay stubs (new students only)
    -2018 and 2017 federal income tax returns with all schedules and W-2's
    -2018 and 2017 business tax returns (Schedule K-1, Form 1065,
           Form 1120 and/or Form 1120S) if you own any part of a farm, sole
           proprietorship, partnership and/or S-corporation
    -Verification of tuition costs for other children in tuition-charging schools
           (tuition bill, enrollment contract or 1098-T form)

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do you decide my award?

    To help us objectively assess what a family is able to contribute to its student(s) education expenses, we use School and Student Services as a trusted third party. The SSS analysis of a family's "Estimated Family Contribution (EFC)" is a critical component of our financial aid decision. However, it is just a start. To make our final financial aid award decisions, we use the SSS figures as the baseline for our own additional review, taking into consideration our total financial aid budget, other information we may have collected, our school’s policies and priorities, and the needs of our entire applicant pool. Due to circumstances like these, and others, our school may ask your family to contribute more or less to tuition than what is estimated on the SSS Family Report. As an update to our process, financial aid award decisions will be based on financial information verified from the previous two years of federal tax returns along with current year W2’s or end-of-year pay stubs. Financial aid awards offered to new students on March 10 and returning students in late February/early March will no longer be contingent upon review of current year tax returns. Financial aid awards offered later in the admissions cycle may be contingent upon review of current year tax returns. 
  • Is the information submitted on the financial aid application confidential?

    All financial aid information is kept confidential and only reviewed by the Director of Financial Aid, the Director of Admission and members of the Financial Aid Committee.  
  • Are returning families required to reapply for financial aid each year?

    Returning families must submit a financial aid application each year according to the same process required for new applicants.
  • Can I expect the same financial aid package each year?

    The Gunnery will award a similar financial aid award each year assuming a family’s financial circumstances do not change. Families enrolling at The Gunnery should be aware that it is unlikely they will receive more financial aid than their original award in future years unless they are able to clearly demonstrate a significant, unexpected financial reversal in writing. As tuition increases year to year, families should anticipate having to increase their contribution toward tuition. While we make every effort to accommodate circumstances beyond a family’s control; such as loss of job or unexpected illness, we have a limited Financial Aid budget and cannot guarantee meeting a change of need. The Gunnery reserves the right to decrease an applicant’s award in the event a family’s financial situation changes for the better (i.e. attain a new job, a salary raise, sibling graduates college, etc.).
  • Must both parents be working in order to qualify for financial aid?

    The Gunnery expects families to contribute toward the cost of tuition to the greatest degree possible. In most cases, this means both parents are working and contributing to the family’s income. If a non-working parent is the primary caregiver for non-school age children, elderly or ill families members or on disability, The Gunnery may waive this expectation. Otherwise, we will impute a wage for a non-working parent.  
  • What is required for divorced, separated or remarried parents?

    The Gunnery requires that both the custodial and noncustodial parent contribute to the cost of education to the extent of their ability; therefore, each parent household must complete a PFS and send in all required documents. If a parent has remarried, the income and assets of the stepparent are also considered. If a parent is not involved in a student’s life, a parent must submit a letter from a third party (clergy, lawyer, doctor, school official, social worker) which states this fact in lieu of that parent submitting his or her financial information.
  • Is financial aid available for late applicants or returning students who did not apply or qualify for financial aid?

    We offer the large majority, if not all, of our financial aid funds to applicants and returning financial aid families meeting our financial aid application deadlines. Thus, it is best for a family to apply for financial aid by the financial aid application deadline rather than waiting until the applicant has been accepted for admission or already enrolled in the school. We are not able to guarantee that financial aid will be available to late applicants or students who begin at The Gunnery paying the full tuition. Late applicants should direct questions regarding the availability of financial aid to Suzanne Day, Director of Financial Aid at or (860) 350-0140.  
  • Do you recommend any loan programs and/or payment plans?

    For domestic families, The Gunnery offers one-, two- and ten-installment payment options. The ten-installment option includes a one-time payment plan fee. The Gunnery also participates in a loan program. Your Tuition Solutions offers loans to domestic families through Springstone Financial LLC with a flexible repayment period of 24-84 months. Families may borrow up to $50,000 with no prepayment penalties. For more information on this program, please contact this institution directly.
  • What is the financial aid application process for international applicants?

    • The Gunnery has limited financial aid available for international applicants.
    • International applicants must complete the PFS and upload tax documents or verification of income for 2017 and 2018 to SSS. For example, upload T1’s and T4’s for Canadian applicants.
    • International applicants must also complete the International Student Financial Aid Form and upload it to SSS.
    • All currency figures must be converted to US dollars, and verification documents must be translated to English.
  • What is the Legacy Scholarship?

    The Gunnery has a long history of recognizing the value and strength of its alumni community. In doing so, we seek to celebrate those families whose hope it is for The Gunnery to remain part of their family tradition. The Gunnery offers two merit-based legacy scholarships for children, grandchildren, and relatives of Gunnery alumni who will be entering grades 9-PG, as a boarding student. The Legacy Scholarship covers the difference in cost between day and boarding tuition. Eligible families may also apply for additional need-based financial aid. Applicants who have completed their admission application by January 15 and been identified by the Admission Committee as a potential candidate for the Legacy Scholarship will be notified and given an opportunity to further demonstrate their interest in attending The Gunnery. For additional information, please contact Alexandra Ince, Director of Enrollment, at or (860) 350-0165.


New Students
February 1 - Deadline for submission of PFS and required documents to SSS
March 10 - Notification of admission decisions and financial aid awards 
April 10 - Response deadline

Returning Students
December 15 - Deadline for submission of PFS and required documents to SSS
February 12 - Notification of financial aid awards via online enrollment contracts
February 28 - Deadline for completion of online contract signatures and submission of enrollment deposits
Please direct any questions or special circumstances to Suzanne Day, Director of Financial Aid, at (860) 350-0140 or

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