Who's Coming?

Class of 1949
Don Courtney

Class of 1950

Ogden Miller, Jr.

Class of 1951
Bruce Bradshaw
Walter Goldsmith

Class of 1954
Malcolm Bird
John Fisher
David Miller
Ed Samek
Thomas Thornbury

Class of 1955
Dwight Miller

Class of 1959

Jim Cohen
Tim Upson

Class of 1961
Tim Gaillard

Class of 1963
Sherm Hotchkiss

Class of 1964
Bob Brush
Bob Fountain
John Harrison
Stephen McGuffin
Walter Fuller

Class of 1965
Pete Case

Class of 1969
Kris Collum
Greg Finch
Ken Foreman
Larry Herrick
Dusty Hoyt
Robert Jackson
Michael Krall
Tom MacCarthy
Peter Marshall
Byron Meekins
Barry Mends 
Robert Pipes
Val Prevedini
Ford Shaw
Allin Tallmadge
Michael Teiger
Duff Wehle

Class of 1971
John Greenwood

Class of 1972
Nicholas Molnar
Mark Van Allen

Class of 1973
Thomas McClintock

Class of 1974
John Gillman

Class of 1977
Steve Cornell
Terry McFarland

Class of 1978
Scott Milas

of 1979

Mark Dibble
George Fryer
Dan Gorman
Dale Joyner
Ann Lipham
Sean Peoples
Heidi Rowe
Peter Strandes
Scott Wynn
Class of 1981
Brian Strandes

Class of 1982
Sally Cornell
Sarah Scheel Cook
Jonathan Waechter

Class of 1983
Russ Adams
Class of 1984
Leonard Auchincloss
Peter Bergen
Peter Gallagher
Greg Geller
Michael Hespos
Charley Kellogg
Kirk Knudsen
Stephen Maleville
Meg O'Brien
Lynn Pierotti
Warren Schiele
Andrea Semenuk
Charles Thomas
Chris Waechter
Arnd Wehner

Class of 1985
John O'Brien

Class of 1987
Paul McManus

Class of 1989
Jon Hensel
Michael Tedesco

Class of 1999
Jana Laurin
Jillian Lopez
Eli Rabinowitz
Nicole Schmertz
Mark Zambero

Class of 2004
Samuel Bramson
Aaron Townsend

Class of 2009
Christina Cornell
Josh Johnston
Addison Owens
James Sarris
Tucker Shaw

Class of 2012

Andrew De Paulis
Sarah Lombard
Darby MacKay
Elle Sutherland

Class of 2013
Cindy Ho

Class of 2014
Dana Cerone
Skyler Clark
Alec Cornell
Casey Cullen
Kevin Darrar
Nick D'Elia
Alexis Dominicus
Ariana Dominicus
Connor Eckenrod
Joey Fallon
Brandon Garzione
Bobby Hooper
Sarah Hughson
Olivia Judd
Josh Kelly
Meghan Lembo
Max Luukko
Kaitlyn McNamara
Marshall Millette
Matthew Minicucci
Jane Moore
Ian Morris
Katlyn Paiva
Amanda Payne
Jake Plante
Tim Reitman
Kori Rimany
Dominic Rovero
Matt Schneider
Nathan Sucese
Sam Walther

Class of 2018
Will Townsend

Wykeham Rise

Enjil Harrah ’66
Lily Killiam Mitchell ’66
Wendy Weldon ’66
Susie Bates ’68
Lucy Norton ’68
Catherine Brown ’69
Lucy Brooke ’69
Daphne Ward Cheatham ’69
Susan Sheldon Crysler ’69
Elizabeth Hooper ’69
Maria Mason ’69
Bettina Rosser ’69
Sarah Wright ’69
Jean Burke ’74
Shelley Caroe ’76

Former Faculty
Michael Caroe P’76 ’77 GP’10
Caitlyn Cotton

The Gunnery

gps address: 22 Kirby Road, Washington, CT 06793
mail address: 99 Green Hill Road, Washington, CT 06793
tel: 860-868-7334
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Founded in 1850 by abolitionist, educator, and outdoorsman Frederick Gunn, The Gunnery is a coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 9 through 12/post-graduate. Dedicated teacher-mentor-coaches challenge students to reach their full potential in a home-like setting where character and citizenship are valued as much as intellect and achievement. Individualized attention and high expectations help young learners develop not only the skills and confidence they will need in college, but also the moral compass and love of learning that will serve them well in life. The school attracts ambitious, academically curious students who will both shine as unique individuals and thrive as contributing members of a deeply connected community. By the time they graduate, Gunnery students have become well rounded, grounded young adults with a sharpened sense of who they are and who they want to become.