Gunnery Runs Event

For the past 11 years we have hosted the Memorial Run for ALS at The Gunnery.  The goal of this run has been to raise awareness about the disease and to “run for those who can’t.”  

We are immensely proud of the run and the thousands of dollars it has raised for ALS research, but more so for the awareness it has created in thousands of students’ minds about the disease. 

This year, we are proposing a different kind of “run.”  Our school encourages us to be a force for good in the world. In that spirit and in the tradition of the Memorial Run for ALS, we are going to have a “Gunnery Runs” event.  

The weekend of May 16-17, we are going to get outside and walk, run, crawl, somersault, etc. 
And, we’re going to dedicate that effort to someone or something other than ourselves. 

Print this and take a picture and SHARE

Gunn Moves templates
Gunn Runs Template

Here’s what you need to do to be a contributing member of this community effort.

  1. Print the PDF

  2. Get outside and run, walk, move… and spend that time thinking of someone or something else

  3. Take a picture of you with your sign

  4. Send your picture to any of the following:
     Gunnery Girls Lax Instagram 

     Google Drive folder
     Submit your photo via the form below.

  5. Optional: Donate to a cause of your choice. 

Make A Donation

Here are some suggestion of where to do donate:

The Gunnery Fund

Washington Ambulance

Angel Fund for ALS Research