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The Gunnery Presents Fairy Tale Ending: The Big Bad Family Musical

The U.S. premier of Fairy Tale Ending: The Big Bad Family Musical was thoroughly enjoyed by a whole new audience over the extended February 22nd weekend.  
An extra special performance for young children was staged on Saturday afternoon. Opening night on February 20th provided the cast with a special treat, a letter of congratulations from the creators: “You are presenting the world “in the wild” premiere of our show! For that, we are deeply grateful. Although there will likely be many, many productions to follow — in fact, we already have seven more in negotiation for the next year alone — you will always be the very first company (other than the creators) to present “Fairy Tale Ending.” In recognition of that important fact, we’ve added a credit with your names to the official version of the script and score, which will be seen by anyone who licenses the show in the future.”
Created for and first produced by the Toronto Youth Theater in 2008, the musical was written by Kieran McMillan and Jeremy Hutton. Kieran McMillan, described this story on as “A topsy-turvy yet touching tale of a young girl coming to grips with loss and the reality of growing up. Jill questions a “line up” of characters about the sudden changes occurring in the fairy tales she used to read with her Grandma.” Jill questions the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks and the Troll about their stories, which include the Three Little Pigs, the Three Billy Goats Gruff, the Three Blind Mice and Papa, Big Brother and Baby Bear. 
The show was performed to four packed houses in the Emerson Performing Arts Center, eliciting laughs galore at the antics of the runaway fairy tale characters. Jenna Lee ’15, as Jill; Tim Cervera ’17 as the Big Bad Wolf; Laura Van Tartwijk ’15 as Goldilocks; and Lexi Nanavaty ’17 as the Troll, sang lead solos.
Performers included: Jill: Jaewon (Jenna) Lee ’15; Jack: Ethan Marsh ’15; Cop: Alex Lotco ’16; Grandma: Morgan Small ’16; Big Bad Wolf: Tim Cervera ’14; Goldilocks: Laura Van Tartwijk ’15, Troll: Lexi Nanvaty ’17. The three bears were played by Nick Weinstein ’14, Max Italiaander ’17, and Brendan Vejseli ’17; the three blind mice were played by Jee Woo Chung ’14, Kelsey Dobler ’16, and Regan Butler ’15; and the three pigs and goats were played by Ollie Williams ’17, Jack Einbinder ’14, and Henry Gough ’15; Constables and EMS workers: Sam Salerno ’16, Skylar Cluett ’16, Helen Lu ’16, Jamie Lamy ’16, Eva Jones ’17, Kat Carey ’16, Claire Geagan ’16, Colin Riley ’16 and Cheryl Liang ’17. The stage manager was Sean Dowd ’16; the lighting designer was Matt Minicucci ’14 and the sound engineer was Zoe Cameron ’16. Alex Cornell ’14, John Cho ’14, Skyler Clark ’14, Yuichi Fujikawa ’14, Andrew Hamilton ’14, Sam Hemmingstad ’14, Nick Ireland ’14, Minki Kim ’14, Jake Mandl ’14 and Nick Moniz ’15 were responsible for set construction.
Performing Arts Chair, Jennifer Wojcik and Elizabeth Hawley ’08 were the co-directors of the musical. Set Designer and Construction Director was Andy Richards, The Music Director was Oksana Protenic, and the Technical Director was Anthony Cefala.
A replay of the performance is available at, and still photos of the performance are available to view on our SmugMug gallery -

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