Feedback: helpful information or criticism that is given to someone to say what can be done to improve a performance, product, etc. Since 1991, our unique Academic Merit System has allowed faculty to give students feedback every five weeks. This feedback allows students to get a clear, broad sense of progress made and improvements to strive for in the areas we believe are the foundations of lifelong learning: effort, collaboration, attitudes, and self-awareness.
Vir bonus semper discipulus est. - A good man (person) is always a student. Our motto guides us as we prepare students for the complex ever-changing reality of the 21st century. To successfully navigate today’s knowledge and information society, students must master much more than just the academic content measured by a test. Students need to develop skills, strategies, and behaviors to achieve academic success here at The Gunnery and later in life.

How do we define Academic Merit?

List of 4 items.

  • Effort: to actively and willingly engage in your own education

    • Preparedness: is regularly prepared for class with necessary materials and completed assignments
    • Participation: contributes in a meaningful way regularly to classroom activities and discussion
    • Organization: makes a plan to accomplish major long-term assignments (tests, papers, presentations, projects)
  • Collaboration: to establish/maintain positive interdependency with fellow learners and teachers

    • Group Work: works well and productively with others
    • Listens: with attentiveness, respect, courtesy, and empathy
  • Attitudes: to think soundly and act as intelligently as possible

    • Conscientiousness: does the best work possible in the time allotted
    • Curiosity: seeks to further his/her understanding
    • Grit: deals effectively and productively with failure/mistakes
  • Self-Awareness: to know yourself and be in control of your learning

    • Self-Awareness: recognizes strengths and weaknesses and seeks extra help when needed
    • Introspection: looks for connection between efforts and his/her level of academic success

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Founded in 1850 by abolitionist, educator, and outdoorsman Frederick Gunn, The Gunnery is a coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 9 through 12/post-graduate. Dedicated teacher-mentor-coaches challenge students to reach their full potential in a home-like setting where character and citizenship are valued as much as intellect and achievement. Individualized attention and high expectations help young learners develop not only the skills and confidence they will need in college, but also the moral compass and love of learning that will serve them well in life. The school attracts ambitious, academically curious students who will both shine as unique individuals and thrive as contributing members of a deeply connected community. By the time they graduate, Gunnery students have become well rounded, grounded young adults with a sharpened sense of who they are and who they want to become.