Our Endowment

The Gunnery is grateful to the many benefactors who have generously established funds honoring faculty, family, and alumni, and funds dedicated to supporting specific educational programs, objectives, or interests. Endowed funds are investments, designed to grow and generate income for years to come; they are investments in our school, our community, and our future.

Endowed Gift Opportunities

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Named Student Awards and Scholarships

    Full Scholarships                                                   $1,250,000/$62,500*
    A full scholarship covers full boarding tuition and any associated fees that a student would incur in the usual course of the school year. 

    Partial Scholarships
    An endowed partial scholarship would allow us to increase financial support for a qualified student.
    • Brinsmade Scholar                                       $500,000/$25,000*
    • Gibson Scholar                                              $250,000/$12,500*
    • Highlander Scholar                                       $100,000/$5,000*

    *minimum gift thresholds/annual support level to student
  • Faculty Support

    Department Chair                                       $1,250,000/$65,000*
    • The highest position of distinction, appointed by the Head of School, for a senior member of the faculty who has contributed in a significant way to the learning and teaching at The Gunnery.
    Professional Development                       $2,000,000/$100,000*
    • A fully endowed program would effectively quadruple our current support of professional development, in addition to alleviating the strain on our annual operating budget. Most importantly, it will allow the school to offer more individuals the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees.
    Faculty Development Fund                     $100,000/$5,000*
    • This fund would underwrite faculty initiatives such as, independent research, advanced degree study and attendance at conferences.  
     *minimum gift thresholds/annual support level to the faculty 
  • Academic and Programmatic Support

    • Speaker Series Fund                       $500,000/$25,000*
    • Outdoor Program                            $500,000/$25,000*
    • Academic Fund                                 $250,000/$12,500*
    • Student Enrichment Fund              $250,000/$12,500*
    • Athletic Fund                                      $100,000/$5,000*
    • Technology Fund                               $100,000/$5,000*
    • Campus Maintenance                       $100,000/$5,000*

    *minimum gift thresholds/annual support level to program

About the Endowment

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the endowment? 

    Our endowment is an investment in the future, ensuring we fulfill our mission in perpetuity. A strong endowment allows us to confidently make strategic and long-term decisions rooted on a financially secure foundation.  
  • How does the endowment work?

    Currently, The Gunnery operates under a tuition-driven model, with roughly 80% of the operating budget coming from tuition revenue. Under this model we are limited in our ability to achieve new goals and make key investments. To become less dependent on tuition, the most fiscally responsible way is to significantly increase the school’s endowment.
  • Why is the endowment important? 

    By investing in unrestricted endowment gifts, you are establishing a future for our most valuable resources—our students, our teachers and our campus. These funds allow us to:
    • better compensate our outstanding faculty as well as encourage professional development via continuing education, sabbatical programs and summer study
    • provide affordability and accessibility to students we feel will contribute to the community and thrive here by increasing student scholarship aid
    • maintain our historic buildings and beautiful grounds

Financial Objective

Our endowment currently stands at $24 million and our goal is to grow that to more than $75 million.  This will enable us to become less reliant on tuition for general operating expenses and better secure the School’s financial future.

For more information about how you can make a difference by supporting the endowment, please contact Kiersten Marich at 860-350-0171 or

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Founded in 1850 by abolitionist, educator, and outdoorsman Frederick Gunn, The Gunnery is a coeducational college preparatory boarding and day school for students in grades 9 through 12/post-graduate. Dedicated teacher-mentor-coaches challenge students to reach their full potential in a home-like setting where character and citizenship are valued as much as intellect and achievement. Individualized attention and high expectations help young learners develop not only the skills and confidence they will need in college, but also the moral compass and love of learning that will serve them well in life. The school attracts ambitious, academically curious students who will both shine as unique individuals and thrive as contributing members of a deeply connected community. By the time they graduate, Gunnery students have become well rounded, grounded young adults with a sharpened sense of who they are and who they want to become.